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In order to protect plant health, Biotechnology Regulatory Services (BRS) implements the APHIS regulations for certain genetically engineered (GE) organisms that may pose a risk to plant health. APHIS coordinates these responsibilities along with the other designated federal agencies as part of the Federal Coordinated Framework for the Regulation of Biotechnology.
The Biotechnology Team located in EPA's Office of Science Coordination and Policy (OSCP) coordinates scientific, technical, and policy development activities within the Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances (OPPTS). The OSCP Biotechnology Team is also a focal point for coordination with other Federal agencies on any issues involving biotechnology, including international activities.
The GMO Panel deals with genetically modified organisms and genetically modified food and feed.
The International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) is a not-for-profit organization that delivers the benefits of new agricultural biotechnologies to the poor in developing countries. It aims to share these powerful technologies to those who stand to benefit from them and at the same time establish an enabling environment for their safe use
Established as a formal policy in 1986, the Coordinated Framework for Regulation of Biotechnology describes the Federal system for evaluating products developed using modern biotechnology.

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